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Name:Next Generation R Series 45 - 75 kW Oil Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors

Product Description

Next Generation R Series 45 - 75 kW Oil Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors: 

Ingersoll Rand works to keep you ahead of your competition with Next Generation R-Series air compressors that lower total cost of ownership through high-quality components, industry-leading energy efficiency and global expertise.


  • Improved Efficiency and Air      Flow: Airend features optimized rotor profile that delivers up to 16%      improved efficiency and 21% greater airflow capacity

  • Remote Intelligent      Control: Xe-Series controller delivers increased control      functionality through an intuitive user interface and remote access with      any common, current web browser

  • Leak-free Design: V-Shield      Technology provides a totally integrated, leak-free design featuring PTFE      stainless steel braided oil hoses and O-ring face seals

  • Reduced Downtime: Progressive      Adaptive Control (PAC™) monitors key operating parameters and continuously      adapts to prevent unexpected downtime

  • Decrease Energy Use: NEMA      Premium® efficiency motor delivers significant energy savings, and the optional      variable speed drive (VSD) further decreases energy demand

  • Optional Total Air System      (TAS): Clean, dry air in a single package that minimizes installation      costs, space and features improved ISO air quality

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